Nordic Trails Pass
Online Payment System

 Step 1: Enter the desired quantity of Trails Passes, then click the Submit Quantity button.
 Step 2: Verify quantities and the fee to be charged. If incorrect, click Cancel and enter new numbers for quantity.
 Step 3: Enter billing information and names for Trails Passes.
 Step 4: Enter the value to verify a valid transaction.
 Step 5: Click the Submit button. You will then be directed to the LexisNexis website to process the charge for your credit or debit card.
Once payment is received, your Trails Passes will be mailed within 5 business days. We have detailed instructions available here.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of a Trails Pass?

Individual passes are $35.00 each. Family passes cost $100.00 for up to 4 family members. Additional family members cost $10.00 each.

Does this pass cover both the winter and summer seasons?

No, the Nordic Trails Pass only is valid during the winter season when we have to groom the trails. However, there is currently no summer trails pass required to hike.

When will I get my Nordic Trails Pass and can I access the trails before it arrives?

The plastic Nordic Trails Pass will be mailed within 5 business days. However, you can access the Nordic Trails area with your receipt until your season pass arrives in the mail.

STEP 1: Enter Quantities
 Quantity for Individual Passes: 
 Quantity for Family Passes: 

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